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CANCELLED: Fête Maritime de Brest 2020

   Starts July 10, 2020
   Ends July 16, 2020
   Brest, Bretagne, France
   Event Type: Festival
   Dates Confirmed*

An incredible maritime spectacle once again returns to the coast of Brittany - It's Fête Maritime de Brest 2020!

The last edition of Fête Maritime de Brest attracted over 9,000 sailors from 25 nations aboard more than 1,000 vessels; add the 700,000+ visitors and 500+ journalists to that and you can be sure this event has it right! There'll be endless live musical entertainment, exhibitions, conventions, parades and more happening both on the waterfront and across the city centre throughout the event and of course we cannot forget that Fête Maritime de Brest regularly welcomes many of the worlds largest and most beautiful tall ships.

If you're there for a while be sure not miss the parade of sail - it really is something special as those thousands of vessels attending the festival set sail in company across the Bay of Brest. For those entertaining guests we expect there'll be hospitality opportunities on offer aboard many of the vessels in attendance and of course we imagine there'll be at least one firework show at some point during the event.

If this edition is anything like the last you'll likely also be witness to 'Tonnerre de Brest' (translation 'Thunder of Brest'), the sound of a single cannon shot marking the opening and closing of the port each day. That tradition reportedly finds its way from a similar tradition that marked the opening and closing of the arsenal doors at the Castle of Brest over 3 centuries ago!

*All dates and details are according to our best research or the official organiser.

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