About Tall Ships Network

Tall Ships Network is a global platform for all things tall ships. Every month we help thousands of users easily discover and enjoy the many events, voyages and more taking place around the world.

It all came of one simple idea – connect everything.

Forget having favorites, forget all the politics and focus on what matters most: helping every tall ship big and small move forward in a world that is becoming more online with every minute that goes by.

About Our Director, Mia J Pilgrim

Mia began life as a sail trainee at the age of 16, buddying her less able-bodied uncle Nick Pilgrim aboard the tall ships STS Lord Nelson and TS Tenacious. Needless to say, she soon caught the tall ships bug and began to return to sea whenever the opportunity arose.

In the following years Mia brought her expertise in media production aboard a number of tall ships including ATYLA, Maybe and Tomidi, sailing through many, many tall ships events across Europe with the aim of documenting what it’s truly like to sail such unique vessels.

In seeking a new challenge, a key issue faced by many of the ships became clear: they simply aren’t managing to reach enough people to keep on doing what they do best. And so the search for the solution that is Tall Ships Network Began!

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