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Dublin to Le Havre with ATYLA

Voyage No Longer Available
   September 2, 2018
   Dublin, Ireland
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   September 8, 2018
   Le Havre, France
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Enjoy some nice summer sailing and explore Le Havre.

Initiate your adventure in the centre of Dublin, and spend one night on board getting to know your shipmates, the safety indications and the singularities of the life on board.

The next morning we’ll buy some food for the journey, and then we'll leave our mooring, sail down the river, and set sail to the open sea.

Dublin is one of the best places to embark if you are from far away, you can fly there from almost anywhere in Europe without paying much for the flight. So use this advantage and book this trip while we still have places available.

What better way to enjoy the end of August than sailing on a wooden tall ship? This trip promises to be very interesting and pleasant, and both the dates and the coastline that we are going through make a perfect occasion for a stop and a swim before arriving at our destination.

During the trip we won’t just enjoy some beautiful summer sailing, we will also become better leaders, better citizens and better team members with the coaching sessions on board.

After sailing along the South England coast we’ll sail along the region of Normandie and then we'll arrive at Le Havre, where hundreds of people will contemplate the ship's arrival.

Atyla visited Le Havre in 2017 for the first time as part of the RDV Transatlantic Tall Ships Regatta. We liked the city and the people there so much that we are coming back for another visit and to see again the friends that we made there.

Apart from welcoming visitors on board, we’ll have time to explore the city with our shipmates and our local friends.

And after disembarking, if your home is far away, we recommend you to take a bus to Paris, and fly out from there. The airport of Caen is closer, but also small, so check if it connects to any destination that might work for you.

Or better, stay with us for a bit longer and be part of the end of Atyla’s 2018 sailing season in Bilbao. Then you can fly back from there, where the connections are much easier.


This beautiful Spanish schooner offers everything from youth development at sea to corporate hospitality in port! Her itinerary often sees her attending a number of international events through the summer season including the many races and regattas organised by Sail Training International. If you're looking for a hospitality venue with a Spanish touch we highly recommend you choose ATYLA, with a promise their Paella and Tapas will not disappoint! ATYLA Ship offers those aged 15-25 an experience known as ‘Sail Training’, a course in personal and professional development championed by youth ...Read More

Voyage Categories:  Educational, Sail Training

General Requirements…

Official language on board: English.
No sailing experience required.

You must be over 15 years of age to join this voyage.

Voyage No Longer Available

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Voyage No Longer Available

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