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Image courtesy of Tall Ship Zebu CIC


Specifications of TS Zebu
Operations: Educational Programmes
Class: B
Rig: Brigantine
Home Port: Liverpool

TS Zebu is a class B brigantine.

A stunning Brigantine called Zebu!

Zebu (formerly Ziba) was originally a Baltic Trader under sail, working through WWII up until 1950 when she was converted to a motor vessel. She was was later transformed into a sail training and expedition tall ship, a part of her history that saw her circumnavigate the world and participate in Operation Raleigh during the 1980's.

TS Zebu changed ownership in January 2017. A number of Tall Ship sailing enthusiasts and experts who are dedicated to the restoration of Zebu have come together to form a new Community Interest Company, 'Tall Ship Zebu CIC'.

The primary objective and the philosophy of the new management team is that there is a need to take her back to sea, where she belongs, to provide sail training and a floating classroom. If she is active at sea her maintenance will be a necessity and will be carried out to a high standard. She will be healthier at sea, much more than being a static museum ship. She will have a role as a moving, floating museum and classroom about the UK's maritime heritage. Her size and draft means that she can access many of the smaller ports around the country and in Ireland where the larger sailing vessels cannot access. She will take the maritime experience to these places in cooperation with local events and in cooperation with local schools and museums. A new network of support groups is being developed nationwide to support young people to sail on this historic vessel and to provide support around the country when the ship comes to visit.

This is a new enterprise and a new frontier to be faced by this historic ship. New management, a new support organisation and extensive repairs to the ship are required before she boldly sets forth on new adventures of discovery and exploration, to new ports and new destinations.

Tall Ship Zebu is open every day alongside in Canning Dock, Liverpool.

Her journey has begun!

For more information please visit their official website. For regular updates you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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