Specifications of Kraken
Operations: Charter, Corporate Team Building, Deck Events, Educational Programmes, Film or TV Production, Hospitality, Sail Training
Class: A
Rig: Barkentine
Year Launched: 1974
Length Overall (LOA): 47 Metres


Wings Of the Ocean was born from a dream shared by two ecologists, combined with a crazy idea: clean up the oceans of its plastic, remove drift nets called "ghosts", provide a research platform for oceanologists ... All within the form of a "Sailing school" around the world!
It is in 2016 that Julien Wosnitza and Sébastien Fau met, already on a boat, already during ecological actions, but on a ship of the Sea Shepherd fleet. Many adventures in the Sea of Cortez followed, but most of all together they pulled more than 155 illegal nets from the ocean.

The idea of the collaboration came later, following discussions on the opportunities left for depollution initiatives, as well as for scientists to conduct long-term research at sea. You are going to be part of an adventure onboard a beautiful 3 mast barkentine while learning how to sail!
You will be integrated into the crew, have navigation courses and you will be part of the crew life: set sails, manoeuvring, taking watches… and more! Our mission is to depollute the ocean from its plastic and retrieve ghost nets. We are sailing to polluted areas in order to get as much plastic as possible out of the ocean, cleaning some beaches, retrieving as much ghost nets as possible and recycle everything on land.

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