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  •    Class:  Class B
  •    Rig:  Lug rig
  •    Launched:  2012
  •    Flag:  British
  •    Length:  20M
  •    Sail Area:  4000Ft²
  •    Home Port:  Douarnenez
  •    Replica of:  Grayhound 3 masted Cornish Privateer 1776

SV Grayhound is a 20m class B lug rig launched in 2012.

The story of S/V Grayhound – a replica 1776 Cornish Privateer Lugger!

Grayhound was built using traditional methods in Millbrook, Cornwall in 2012. From her Atlantic adventures of 2014 to her sail cargo business of today, the crew of Grayhound have encouraged families and young professionals to sail with them providing a low carbon alternative to traditional cargo transport. They are part of a sailing alliance, TOWT, using the power of wind for low carbon cargo transport, providing a sailing cargo delivery service between France , Portugal and the UK – beer, wine, rum, whiskey, tea and the occasional sofa.

They have a sustainable, innovative and ecological business model that they hope will be the model for future cargo transport. They are keen to take novices sailing, to teach to explain and involve how they work and sail their ship. They offer Channel sailing and ocean passages for the adventurous. For those who want up to 10 days at sea in a watch system. Grayhound sails with five professional crew: Skipper, cook , 2 watch leaders and a deckhand. As guest crew you'll work hard with the professional crew to sail and navigate.

Vessel Operations: Cargo, Charter, Educational Programmes

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