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Tall Ships by Operation: Exhibition
Earl of Pembroke
  3 Masted Barque  
  44 Metres
  Traditional Gaff Rigged Ketch  
  23.2 Metres
  Chebacco schooner  
  50 Feet
  40 Metres
Galeón Andalucía
  17th Century 3 Masted Galleon  
  50 Metres
Goleta Gringo
  120 Feet
James Craig
  3 Masted Barque  
La Grace
  23.8 Metres
Nao Santa María
  Square sail vessel  
  7.96 Metres
Nao Victoria
  16th Century Spanish Ship  
  26 Metres
Oliver Hazard Perry
  3 Masted Square Rigged Ship  
  3 Masted Topsail Schooner  
  50 Metres
Pascual Flores
  1917 original pailebote  
  34 Metres
  Gaff Rigged Ketch  
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