ATYLA Ship - Pictured with her New Black Sails in 2017

Image Courtesy of ATYLA Ship Foundation

Compete in the Tall Ships Races 2023 as Crew of ATYLA, Racing from Den Helder to Hartlepool

This Trip has now finished.

Key Details for this Trip
Vessel/s: ATYLA
Trip Categories: Events, Racing, Sail Training
Sailing Type/s: Inshore & Coastal, Offshore
Embark: Den Helder, Netherlands
Saturday, July 1, 2023
Disembark: Hartlepool, England
Saturday, July 8, 2023
Event/s: The Tall Ships Races Den Helder 2023 (SAIL Den Helder 2023)
The Tall Ships Races 2023
The Tall Ships Races Hartlepool 2023

Join ATYLA in Den Helder on July 1st 2023, in the midst of The Tall Ships Races Den Helder 2023 (SAIL Den Helder 2023), for an unforgettable 7 day tall ship racing trip that will see you travel from the Netherlands to England. You'll be getting hands on with setting the sails, steering the ship, keeping watch and more throughout your trip and the best part is that no experience is required in order to join - you'll be taught everything you need to know before you need to know it at every stage throughout the journey.

After onboard briefings and a little time to get to know your shipmates you'll be primed to take part in The Tall Ships Races 2023 and The Tall Ships Races Den Helder 2023 (SAIL Den Helder 2023) as crew of ATYLA. Your sail training adventure will feature a mix of Inshore & Coastal and Offshore sailing. You'll be sailing well offshore at times during this voyage so expect challenging conditions throughout and plenty of excitement.

Your tall ships event trip aboard this beautiful 2 masted staysail schooner will end in Hartlepool where you'll find yourself a part of The Tall Ships Races Hartlepool 2023 and disembark on July 8th. The primary language spoken onboard will be English.

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