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ATYLA Ship - Pictured with her New Black Sails in 2017

Image Courtesy of ATYLA Ship Foundation

Challenge Yourself with a Mile-Making Voyage from the Azores to Bilbao Aboard ATYLA in October 2021

Key Details for this Trip
Vessel/s: ATYLA
Trip Categories: Mile Building, Sail Training
Sailing Type/s: Inshore & Coastal, Ocean Passage, Offshore
Embark: Punta Delgada, Azores
Monday, October 11, 2021
Disembark: Bilbao, Spain
Sunday, October 24, 2021

Join ATYLA in Punta Delgada on October 11th 2021 for an unforgettable 12 day sail training adventure that will see you travel from the Azores to Spain. We highly recommend you get hands on with setting the sails, steering the ship, keeping watch and more though it will be possible to join as a passenger for this voyage if you simply wish to relax onboard. No experience is required to be able to join either and the permanent crew will be on hand to make sure you know all the information you need to in good time.

Your mile building tall ship voyage will feature a mix of Inshore & Coastal, Ocean Passage and Offshore sailing. Ocean passages can bring conditions fit for only the boldest adventurers seeking the ultimate challenge.

Your experience aboard this beautiful 2 masted staysail schooner will end in Bilbao where you'll disembark on October 24th. Please note the minimum age for anybody joining is 15. The primary language spoken onboard will be English.

Why is my booking provisional?

Each passenger will be accepted or declined by the vendor based on their suitability for the Trip and the number of berths available. Once you have placed your order the vendor will contact you to request the required passenger information.

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