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The Tall Ships Races 2026

Key Details for The Tall Ships Races 2026
Event Type/s: Race
Starts: Wednesday, June 24, 2026
Ends: Sunday, August 2, 2026

Starting in Denmark in June 2026, The Tall Ships Races 2026 will see events taking place across 4 countries in Europe including the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway, before coming to a close in Denmark in August 2026.

It's believed that more than 10 tall ships will take part in The Tall Ships Races 2026.

The Tall Ships Races is the largest annual event organised by Sail Training International. It's an summer series held in European waters where ports along the route will host festivals that can be expected to bring between 200,000 and 1 million visitors over 3 to 4 days. Sports, social, and cultural activities will be planned for the thousands of crew members, whilst the highlight of any festival is the crew parade which sees participants from all over the world come together to take over the streets.

See What's Taking Place as a Part of this Event
The Tall Ships Races Aarhus 2026
24 Jun 2026 – 27 Jun 2026  
Festival in Aarhus, Denmark
The Tall Ships Races Harlingen 2026
03 Jul 2026 – 06 Jul 2026  
Festival in Harlingen, Netherlands
The Tall Ships Races Antwerp 2026
11 Jul 2026 – 14 Jul 2026  
Festival in Antwerp, Belgium
The Tall Ships Races Stavanger 2026
22 Jul 2026 – 25 Jul 2026  
Festival in Stavanger, Norway
The Tall Ships Races Aalborg 2026
30 Jul 2026 – 02 Aug 2026  
Festival in Aalborg, Denmark

We haven't yet found an official website listing the event schedule, public opening hours and ticket information, but will publish a link here as soon as it becomes available.

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