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Ruta Iacobus Maris Vigo 2022

This event has now finished.

Key Details for Ruta Iacobus Maris Vigo 2022
Event Type/s: Festival
Starts: Friday, July 22, 2022
Ends: Sunday, July 24, 2022
Part of: Ruta Iacobus Maris 2022
Location/s: Vigo, Spain
Santiago, Spain

If you're looking for something to do in Vigo in July 2022, we'd highly recommend Ruta Iacobus Maris Vigo 2022. According to Fundación Traslatio, this event will take place in Vigo, Spain, from Friday, July 22nd to Sunday, July 24th 2022 as a part of Ruta Iacobus Maris 2022.

Whilst we're unable to confirm details at this stage, it's expected that at least one tall ship will take part in Ruta Iacobus Maris Vigo 2022.

For those sailing, we believe there will be a journey to Santiago sometime within these dates as a part of the pilgrimage.

For the event schedule, public opening hours and ticket information please visit their official website as timings may be subject to change and your visit may require booking in advance. For regular updates you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram. To make an enquiry, you can contact the organiser directly by emailing [email protected] or calling (+34)-986-24-64-36.

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