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Nao Victoria visits Avilés has now finished.
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Nao Victoria visits Avilés

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Nao Victoria visits Avilés

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   Starts July 4, 2018
   Ends June 11, 2018
   Cruises dock, Avilés, Spain
   Event Type: Boat Show, Open Day, Port Visit with Open Ship
   Dates Confirmed*
   Ticketed Event

Replica of the first sailing around the world

Replica of the ship that between 1519-1522 made the First Tour of the World, the greatest maritime feat of all time. For the first time in history a ship, which leaves and returns from the port of Seville captained by Juan Sebastián Elcano, managed to surround the planet.

The visit to the Nao Victoria consists of a self-guided tour through the 5 decks through which you can discover the historical and social context that led to the greatest maritime feat in the history of navigation through its information panels the setting of the different areas of the boat and talk with the crew, authentic sailors who live as they did 500 years ago. Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to relive history.

There is no time limit for visits and you can make all the photos and videos you want.

* According to our best research or the official organiser

This Event was published by Fundacion Nao Victoria