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Maritime Woche an der Weser 2017

Maritime week on the Weser 2017

Maritime Woche an der Weser 2017 promises an extensive program for all.

Edutainment provides lectures from the Bremen research landscape. New events like the Maritime HafenRevue in the citylab surprise the visitors and let them discover new places. Fascinating, unknown places can also be explored in the exploratory tours to the Bremen ports and selected port companies. The festival weekend at the Schlachte from the 22nd - 24th September is unique and the visit is particularly worthwhile, because it succeeds to inspire a network of water sportsmen, volunteers and fans of the Maritime Week as well as the competent authorities for the event. A maritime, authentically bremish passion, which every visitor at the Schlachte bank can feel and experience, especially in the highlights such as the lampion ride and the ship's savings. Once again, research institutes of the State of Bremen are present at the Schlachte site and present their exciting work with illustrative attempts to participate and understand.

   Event Type: Festival
   Starts September 22, 2017
   Ends September 24, 2017
   Dates Confirmed
   Bremen, Germany

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