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Klaipéda Sea Festival 2021

This event has been cancelled.

Key Details for Klaipéda Sea Festival 2021
Event Type/s: Festival
Starts: Friday, July 23, 2021
Ends: Sunday, July 25, 2021
Part of: Baltic Sail 2021
Location/s: Klaipéda, Lithuania

If you're looking for something to do in Klaipéda in July 2021, we'd highly recommend Klaipéda Sea Festival 2021. According to the application for Baltic Sail 2021, this event will take place in Klaipéda, Lithuania, from Friday, July 23rd to Sunday, July 25th 2021 as a part of Baltic Sail 2021.

Whilst we're unable to confirm details at this stage, it's expected that at least one tall ship will take part in Klaipéda Sea Festival 2021.

According to the official website for Baltic Sail 2021, Klaipéda Sea Festival 2021 has now been cancelled.

As the largest annual event in the calendar for the city, Sea Festival Klaipeda is sure to impress, and as a part of the Baltic Sail regatta it’s all about exploring the history, culture and traditions of the Baltic region.

If you’re keen to experience traditional sail first hand then look no further as Sea Festival Klaipeda will offer the chance to step aboard and sail away with many of the vessels in attendance, whether that be for a few hours during the festival or as part of the regatta moving on to the next event in the Baltic Sail series. If you’re entertaining guests there will likely also be deck hospitality opportunities on offer.

We haven't yet found an official website listing the event schedule, public opening hours and ticket information, but will publish a link here as soon as it becomes available.

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