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Gloucester Tall Ships Festival 2017

Take a step back in time for Gloucester Tall Ships Festival 2017.

Traditional sail takes over Gloucester docks for Gloucester Tall Ships Festival 2017. It’s an event known to have inspired Hollywood producers to choose Gloucester Docks as a location to film the 2016 blockbuster Alice Through the Looking Glass, and you too will be able to step aboard and see these tall ships first hand, experience live battle re-enactments in the docks and more!

Though there’s been no official word just yet, this event may coincide with Gloucester Shanty Festival, another must see event that’ll make being around tall ships just that little bit more special.

Still not convinced? Our crack team of Tall Ships Events know-it-alls went in 2015 and we’d do it again in a flash!

   Event Type: Festival
   Starts May 27, 2017
   Ends May 29, 2017
   Dates Confirmed
   Gloucester, United Kingdom

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