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Tall Ships Through Time With Aleksandr Mariy

When you look at a tall ship, what do you see?

Image: "Kotter Deutsche Kriegsfischkutter 1942 1945 37mm" by Aleksandr Mariy

Where some may see a sail training vessel, a movie prop or a hospitality venue, others will see a gift to a nation, a historical replica or even a survivor of war. After-all, what is now a powerfully rigged sail training vessel may once have served with no masts at all, and what is now a deck suited to guest entertainment could once have been heavily armed, bloodstained even.

It may not be immediately clear, but many of the ships you stand by at festivals today were once a key part of history, good and bad, and that history should be remembered. As an avid tall ship sailor, student in marine engineering and freelance graphic designer, Aleksandr Mariy has spent years researching the stories of hundreds of traditionally rigged vessels before painstakingly drawing them at each unique stage of their operational lives.

Throughout 2016 we'll be bringing these stories to you, some big, some small, to shed light on what is quite often hidden history. The first in this series is the story of schooner Avatar (pictured above as she looked at launch), which you'll find through the link below...

ARTICLE: The Story of Tall Ship Avatar