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Sail the Tall Ship ATYLA to Hanse Sail Rostock in 2019

This voyage is no longer available.

Join the tall ship ATYLA in Aarhus on August 3rd 2019, in the midst of The Tall Ships Races Aarhus 2019, for an unforgettable 5 day adventure that will see you travel from Denmark to Germany. We highly recommend you get hands on with setting the sails, steering the ship, keeping watch and more though it will be possible to join as a passenger for this voyage if you simply wish to relax onboard. No experience is required to be able to join either and the permanent crew will be on hand to make sure you know all the information you need to in good time.

You'll be sailing with land in sight throughout most of the voyage.

There's also the option to stay onboard for an additional two days (until the 10th) for free, to give you the opportunity to experience more of Hanse Sail Rostock 2019.

Your journey aboard this beautiful 2 Masted Staysail Schooner will end in Rostock where you'll find yourself a part of Hanse Sail Rostock 2019 and disembark on August 8th. If you'd love to join this voyage but simply can't afford it, check to see if you qualify for funding via the Sultanate of Oman Bursary Fund 2019.

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