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Race Aboard ATYLA in The Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019

This voyage is no longer available.

Join the tall ship ATYLA in Rouen on June 15th 2019, in the midst of Liberty Tall Ships Regatta Rouen 2019, for an unforgettable 7 day adventure that will see you travel from France to Netherlands. We highly recommend you get hands on with setting the sails, steering the ship, keeping watch and more though it will be possible to join as a passenger for this voyage if you simply wish to relax onboard. No experience is required to be able to join either and the permanent crew will be on hand to make sure you know all the information you need to in good time.

After onboard briefings and a little time to get to know your shipmates you'll be primed to take part in The Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019 as crew of ATYLA.

This is ATYLA's first regatta of the year so you'd better get ready for racing. Your adventure begins in the middle of Rouen, surrounded by tall ships, seeing queues of people trying to visit Atyla, and entering the ship to become a member of the crew.

Atyla will become your home for the next 7 days. After the first night on board, getting to know your shipmates, is the day of the big parade of sail, when all the huge tall ships leave one after the other, and descent the river Seine in a majestic spectacle.

Due to contractual obligations, you won’t be able to stay on board during the parade (all ships need to disembark their non-professional crew). But this might be even more interesting because you’ll have the chance to see all the ships passing by. After all the ships have left the city, the festival has a bus that will take you and your shipmates back to Atyla, down the river (in Saint Jean de Folleville). After that, we’ll descend the rest of the river, and spend the night in Honfleur, before heading towards the regatta the morning after.

The regatta will be thrilling: we cannot use the engine if we don’t want to be disqualified, we’ll be competing with all the other ships, and we’ll have to fight against the strong currents in the English Channel. Of course, the experience on board is more important than winning, but the challenge of racing will help us show our best and become more aware of opportunities for improvement, both as a team and individually.

Upon arrival to Scheveningen, the beach of The Hague, we’ll have a couple of days to enjoy the maritime festival (for example visiting the other ships, participating in the activities only-for-crews, or go to the beach for a swim). On the 21st

If you want you can stay on board longer, sail with us to Kiel to enjoy another trip on different waters.

You voyage cost includes: 3 meals a day and a private bunk; certificated participation in Atyla’s Personal Development Programme; participation in the crew parade & crew party in Scheveningen; insurance for your time on board (see terms and conditions); and an official Atyla T-shirt!

Your journey aboard this beautiful 2 Masted Staysail Schooner will end in Scheveningen where you'll find yourself a part of Liberty Tall Ships Regatta The Hague 2019 and disembark on June 22nd. If you'd love to join this voyage but simply can't afford it, check to see if you qualify for funding via the Sultanate of Oman Bursary Fund 2019.

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