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Bring Blue Clipper Home from Norway in 2019

This voyage is no longer available.

Join the tall ship Blue Clipper in Stavanger on September 2nd 2019 for an unforgettable 14 day adventure that will see you travel from Norway to the United Kingdom. You'll be getting hands on with setting the sails, steering the ship, keeping watch and more throughout the voyage and the best part is that no experience is required in order to join - you'll be taught everything you need to know before you need to know it at every stage throughout the journey.

Which side of the UK you'll sail is yet to be seen as that all depends on the weather. This is a hands-on voyage meaning you'll be fully immersed in the ships daily routines and watches.

Your journey aboard this beautiful Schooner will end in Weymouth where you'll disembark on September 16th. Please note you need to be aged between 12 and 100 in order to join this voyage.

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