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Experience an Offshore and Coastal Sailing Holiday from Orkney to Whitby

Join the tall ship Trinovante in Kirkwall on September 9th 2019 for an unforgettable 9 day expedition that both begins and ends in the United Kingdom. You'll be getting hands on with setting the sails, steering the ship, keeping watch and more throughout the voyage and the best part is that no experience is required in order to join - you'll be taught everything you need to know before you need to know it at every stage throughout the journey.

You'll be sailing well offshore at times during this voyage so expect challenging conditions throughout and plenty of excitement.

Offshore and coastal sailing holiday from Orkney to Whitby. How this voyage plays out is all dependent on the weather. We could spend a day or so sailing in Orkney or head straight off south for an overnight passage down the East Coast Of Scotland. Whichever way it goes you will get plenty of sea miles and time on the helm. Places we might visit include Wick, Fraserburgh and Eyemouth. Maybe Trinovante will anchor off the Farne Islands if the weather is right. Sea miles 320.

Your journey aboard this beautiful Gaff Schooner Three Masts will end in Whitby where you'll disembark on September 18th. Please note the minimum age for anybody joining this voyage is 18.

Voyage Categories:  Expedition, Holiday, Sail Training

   All Berths:  £960 per person

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