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The Tall Ships Races 2018 – Stavanger to Harlingen Aboard ATYLA

This voyage is no longer available.
You could be racing ATYLA from Stavanger to Harlingen during The Tall Ships Races 2018!

Atyla’s dedicated crew are welcoming, friendly and informal, and they invite you to join them aboard their incredible ship. The voyage starts in Stavanger, where you’ll board the ship on the night before you leave the city, meet the other trainees and have the all-important safety briefings! After a delicious dinner and breakfast with your new friends you’ll prepare to set sail.

The next day you will learn the ropes as you leave Stavanger, in a magnificent parade of sail. Like during the days of the Vikings masts and sails will fill the majestic fjord! Make sure to wave to the crowds of people who will have climbed the famous Preikestolen rock overlooking the fjord just to wave you off!

From Stavanger, Atyla will catch a strong north wind to breeze south to the starting line. There all the competitors will start the race within sight of each other – a unique and awe-inspiring event! From there, it’s no holds barred sailing.

Prepare for an epic adventure as you striving to be the fastest and best handled ship. By braving changing weather and winds your skills will grow, and soon you’ll become an experienced sail trainee. Atyla’s journey, with sails billowing in the north wind, will send her through the centre of the North Sea. You’ll soon get used to the motion of the waves and the routine of watches – and before you know it you’ll be seeing the fields of the Netherlands out of the portholes.

Before long you’ll breeze into one of Harlingen’s two harbours and the Atyla and her crew will become a key part of the ongoing celebrations in the city. During Tall Ships races, lots of the public want to come aboard Atyla to look around. You may be assigned a ‘port watch’ at some point, a time where you’ll need to stay aboard to act as tour guide for people who want to visit the ship. It’s great fun and a brilliant way to inspire more people to enjoy the amazing sail training experience.

You’ll also be invited to join in with Harlingen’s crew parade along with the rest of the crew. We highly recommend you take up the offer and see the crowds of well-wishers. Wear your trainee t-shirt with pride, chant Atyla’s chant and have fun with your crewmates!

After the crew parade and port watches, it’s time for some fun! Trainees travelling aboard Atyla are invited to optional crew only activities, which include a private party organised by the event planners, guided tours of the town and sports! Best of all you’ll get to meet all the other trainees from all the other ships, so you can share your stories and socialise with people from all over the world.

The rest of your time is your own, so you can enjoy all the festivities in the city. There will be lots of special maritime themed stalls and shows to see, as well as the regular attractions of the city – so embrace adventure and explore this beautiful stately city at your leisure!

This voyage is a exhilarating package, with a lot of voyaging under sail. It’s a perfect way to really embrace the sport of sailing, and feel like you are taming the elements! You would be taken on for 8 days, gaining leadership and teamwork skills in a unique environment. All while meeting people from all over the world, exploring the Netherlands and having fun!

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