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Limfjorden Rundt 2020

According to the official organiser Limfjorden Rundt 2020 will take place in Limfjord, Denmark from Friday, August 7th to Saturday, September 12th 2020.

It's believed that more than 10 tall ships will be in attendance at Limfjorden Rundt 2020.

About 65 old commercial vessels will race across Limfjorden in Denmark in 5 stages. Visiting the cities Løgstør, Thisted, Struer, Nykøbing Mors, Fur and Skive. It is all about having good relations - but still it's a race. Special events usually take place in each harbour, with locals often coming to cheer when the ships arrive!

As always, please refer to the official site (linked below if available) for the latest details, public opening hours and ticket information as timings may be subject to change and your visit may require booking in advance.

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