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Haikutter Festival Nysted 2017

Traditional sail takes over the city of Nysted in Denmark for Haikutter Festival Nysted 2017.

As a part of Baltic Sail 2017, it’s all about exploring the history, culture and traditions of the Baltic region, something the Danish Haikutter is no stranger to, so what better way to celebrate than to welcome a Haikutter fleet with a festival right in the heart of Nested.

There’s guaranteed to be something for everyone which, for the kids, means there’ll be opportunities to learn knot tying, smack dinghy sailing and more.

If you’re keen to experience traditional sail first hand then look no further as Haikutter Festival Nysted 2017 will offer the chance to step aboard and sail away aboard many of the vessels in attendance. It could be for just a few hours during the festival or as part of the Haikutter Regatta to Rostock for the next event in the Baltic Sail 2017 series. If you’re entertaining guests there will also be deck hospitality opportunities on offer.

   Event Type: Festival
   Starts August 5, 2017
   Ends August 9, 2017
   Dates Confirmed
   Nysted, Denmark

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