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Camden Windjammer Festival 2020

According to The Maine Windjammer Association Camden Windjammer Festival 2020 will take place in Camden Harbor, Camden, Maine, the United States from Friday, September 4th to Saturday, September 5th 2020.

Whilst we're unable to confirm details at this stage, it's expected that at least one tall ship will be in attendance at Camden Windjammer Festival 2020.

This festival is a beautiful celebration of the Schooners, Windjammers and sailing yachts that define the Camden community and regularly offers activities for the whole family. From build-a-boat contests to maritime activity displays and experiences, tours onboard the many vessels, a fireworks display and much, much more we're sure you'll be spoilt for choice! You can also expect a packed programme of live musical entertainment throughout and of course a beautiful Boat Parade Finale to finish things off.

As always, please refer to the official site (linked below if available) for the latest details, public opening hours and ticket information as timings may be subject to change and your visit may require booking in advance.

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