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Picton Castle will take part in Tall Ships® Galveston 2018

Picton Castle has announced that Picton Castle will be taking part in Tall Ships® Galveston 2018.

About Picton Castle

Picton Castle is a 179ft class A barque launched in 1997. World Voyaging Sail Training Ship The Barque Picton Castle is a three-masted tall ship based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada best known for our adventurous sail training voyages around the world. Anyone can become a trainee crew member, no experience required, just a desire to become part of the crew that sails the ship. We are an award-winning member of both Tall Ships America and Sail Training International.

Tall Ships® Galveston 2018 takes place between April 5, 2018 and April 8, 2018

The TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE Gulf Coast 2018 Fleet take over Galveston, TX, for Tall Ships Galveston 2018. As a part of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE Gulf Coast 2018 series, many of the ships will be crewed by young people who have never sailed before, running educational programmes that help them to develop both personally and professionally through a practice known as Sail Training. Following a must-see parade of sail as the ships arrive on April 5th, this event will offer a fantastic opportunity for visitors to step aboard many beautiful tall ships ...Read More

This event is a part of Tall Ships Challenge® Gulf Coast 2018 / Atlantic Coast 2018 which takes place between April 5, 2018 – May 28, 2018

TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® is an annual series organised by Tall Ships America to promote the sail training experience, foster international cultural exchange and keep alive the rich maritime heritage represented by the tall ships community. In between visits to a number of maritime festivals the tall ships take part in races, crewed by young people who may never have sailed before, running educational programmes that help help them to develop both personally and professionally. The 2018 series will see a TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® fleet visit ports on the Gulf Coast for the first time in its history with the events in Galveston, TX, New Orleans, LA, Pensacola, FL before the ...Read More

About the organiser, Tall Ships America®

Tall Ships America®, the official representative for Sail Training in North America Achieved through the challenge of sailing a tall ship on the high seas, Sail Training is an experiential course in personal and professional development championed for its effectiveness by youth organisations, multi-national corporations and even navies from across the world. Tall Ships America®, The American Sail Training Association, is a non-profit organisation focussed on youth development through Sail Training and the preservation of North Americas’ maritime heritage. They organise the annual Tall Ships Challenge® series ...Read More
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Please note that appearances can change with little or no notice. This information was correct at the time of publishing by Picton Castle on March 23, 2018.

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